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GenomeMET project will have a profound impact across several fields

For industrial and other user communities

  • IVD developers

  • Clinical laboratories

  • Healthcare providers

  • RM producers

  • EQA providers 

  • Drug developers

  • Clinical researchers

  • Regulators

Healthcare user communities

For the metrology and scientific communities

  • Improved NMI/DI capabilities for quantification of cancer genomic biomarkers, quantification of total nucleic acids, and detection of panels of genomic variants, demonstrated through inter-laboratory comparisons.

  • Dissemination of case studies to advance the development of metrological frameworks for multi-analyte clinical genomic profiling.

  • Submission of new RMP for quantification of cancer genomic biomarkers and SI-traceable RMs to JCTLM database.

Metrology and scientific communities

For relevant standards

  • support for existing standards

  • input to the drafting of standards under development

  • proposal for new standards 


Longer-term economic, social, and environmental impacts

  • reduces diagnostic errors, preventing missed or incorrect diagnoses

  • facilitates the administration of personalized treatments

  • improve patient outcomes

  • reduce healthcare costs

  • growth in the European in vitro diagnostics and oncology therapeutics markets

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